Saturday, 23 July 2011

Things I know about my mother

It's been a very busy week for us, D was working the late shift so the kids and I kept ourselves extra busy. I've been hanging to write lots but passing out in bed with the kids before 9pm... So many thoughts, too many for this one post, so I'll just focus on the main event: in 45 hours my Mum arrives from Italy for her yearly visit!

I'm linking up again with Shae, and sharing with you all just a couple of things I know about my mum:
  • my Mum's name is Louise, which we chose as Sofia's middle name
  • she was born in Melbourne but went to Italy on a holiday in 1969 and never came back....
Mum and Grandma in the late '40s...
  • she loves Violet Crumbles but never indulges in more than 2 bars while she's here (it sticks to her extensive dental work, consequence of her sweet tooth as a child...)
  • she loves liquorice but hardly ever eats it because of her high blood pressure
  • she's a dog person
  • she loves looking at cows, something about them looking relaxed...
  • she has taken on board her job as a grandmother very seriously: maybe she's very zealous also because of the distance and being able to see the kids only once a year, but she likes knowing everything about them and studying them and tries to remember the name of all of their toys and all the things they like
  • she was here for the birth of both kids, and she was the first person (after Dan and I and the midwife) to welcome them to the world
  • she loves them both so so much
with Sosi, Dec 07
with Sosi, Nov 09

with Casi, Dec 09, when he was in NICU

with Casi, Aug 10
  • though she might not agree with all of my parenting choices, she always respects them and has always respected me and my opinions
  • she has always let me do things my way, and never let me use my handicap as an excuse not to do things: which helped me become the strong independent woman I am today
  • she's a bit of a wallflower and a bit too accommodating (there have been many people walking all over her throughout the years), but she is an absolute tigress when it comes to protecting her cubs: she has ALWAYS stood up for us (my brother and I) and always protected us when we needed it and we have always felt safe with her and she was always there for us and always looked after us
  • and even if we don't always see eye to eye, she's an awesome mum and I love her so so much
Nov 07, 8 days before Sosi was born

See you on Monday Mum :)


  1. Sara, your beautiful post has brought tears to my eyes. Enjoy and treasure this special time with your mum.
    This last photo of her pushing back your hair is just touching. x

  2. A lovely lovely post. Your mum sounds wonderful and very supportive. I'm so glad she's coming to visit. I hope you enjoy every moment you have together. I bet your kids will love being with her too. xxx

  3. What a lovely post about your Mum! Thanks for sharing