Sunday, 12 June 2011

Things I know - post birthday edition

So, what do I know this week?
  • I know my 35th birthday was 7 days ago 
  • I know in my head I'm still 24 years old or so
  • I know that had I known that Dan was going to work the day after my birthday, I wouldn't have thrown a party, I had so many dishes to wash after...
  • I know that as much as some family members drive me nuts, I am really fortunate to be surrounded by so many loving people
  • my birthday is the 5th of June, World Environment Day. To me this is very important, every year it is a reminder to do a check of what I'm doing environmentally and what I could be improving on. I know I'm not as green as I'd like to be, but I'm getting there, and I'm definitely greener than many people I know 
  • I know most people didn't take me seriously when I sent this message with the bday invite:
This has been a year of clarity for me, of a deeper understanding of life. And wanting to reconnect with people and gain a greater understanding of my friends and family.
It has also been a year of de-cluttering, of letting go of the past and keeping what's important for the future.

In this spirit, I had a thought about presents. I already have all that I need in my life, and though a present is always extremely appreciated, how about instead of buying something you think I might like, you give me something that tells me more about YOU?

Is there something I should know about you to get to know you better? A song, a book, a poem, an object, a flower? Whatever you can think of that made you the person you are, or something you love, or something that inspires you, or something that had a great impact in your life. I would be extremely grateful if you could share a bit of you so I can get to know you better.
  • I know 3 really special people did take me seriously, and I really thank them dearly for it
  • I know that we are fortunate, because we have so much: by Western standards, we are probably just "comfortable"; by Rest of the World standards, we are extremely rich. I know that when the kids are old enough to understand, I am going to make sure they see poverty and understand just how lucky they are to have been born in this country in this time in this family
  • I know it'll sound cheesy if you don't have kids, but truly the best bday present I received was waking up near my kids and being hugged and being told "happy birthday Mama" and "I love you thiiiiis much!" 
  • I know I've been a bit depressed. This too shall pass
and the last thing I know this week...
  • this is what happens if I give Sofia access to the first aid kit: she covers her brother in bandaids...

Playing along with the lovely Shae from Yay For Home


  1. Such a thoughtful message you wrote on your invite. I'm so glad that at least 3 people understood the spirit with which it was written. Perhaps not everyone is soulful or able to get in touch with their deeper side due to their own limitations or fear. (Not making excuses for them, just that this is something that has made me feel better about similar things when they happen to me).

    So lovely to get the birthday love from your kids. Their love is so huge and undconditional - just what you need on your birthday! :)

    And sorry you have been feeling low. I hope it does pass soon for you. Big hugs.