Thursday, 2 June 2011

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways...

Being a perfectionist means I have 10 posts still in draft status...

So I decided this: I'm going to write a few posts just for the sake of it, just to get back in the habit of writing (almost) daily. Like I used to when I had time and a journal.

So today I'm going to start writing about things I love.

One of them is Ikea.

This is why I love Ikea:
  • imaginative play and little world and so many interesting things to look at and explore for the kids

  •  the Ikea restaurant actually has food my kids will eat, not just junk!
  • the Ikea restaurant has a play area so I can finish my meal without having to chase the kids around!
  • all of the pieces of furniture I have bought so far make the house look better. Here's a before and after:

you have to look behind
the kid striking a silly pose
still working on it, but so far the Expedit
pigeonholes have been a success,
with all family members tidying up their own things

  • I LOVE assembling furniture, I really mean it: except for the big bookcases in the lounge (at 2 metres tall I needed D's help to lift them up etc), anything in the house that required assembly has been put together by me alone, including our queen size bed which I assembled when 6 months pregnant with S. Yes, I am crazy about it... 
  • the kids can help assemble the furniture, nothing better than promoting a sense of "I can do it myself" (ok I know, there's a proper word for it, I have a toddler calling out for me and have to rush this post...) 
  • and finally, oh so many uses for the packaging!

big drawings on the big paper

oh look, a frog jumping on lilypads

free-range painting on the top of the big box

a train for the toys with the bottom of the big box
(now cut up in smaller pieces for general art & craft)

and the un-recyclable polystyrene is now our Poking Board:
lots and lots of toothpicks to poke in, we even poked
some holes with pencils but the little toothpicks get in more easily
and feel more satisfying!
Thank you for reading :)



  1. I can't believe you love assembling furniture! I think I need to invite you over every time we are stupid enough to buy a 'self-assemble' thing. The whole business of assembling stresses me out - in fact I'll go out of my way to buy fully assembled furniture these days! lol

    Anyway, I can totally relate to liking Ikea for all the other reasons you put - and I especially love how you use the packaging for so much kiddie fun!

  2. I love assembling furniture too!! I'm so excited I'm not the only one! Although I must do it solo, the few times the hubster and I have attempted anything together it has nearly ended in divorce (they're called instructions! Read them!!).

    Am inspired by your packaging use too! Thinking about a trip to Ikea myself very soon now :)

  3. Kate, LOL! I had actually forgotten about that, D and I actually did have a fight when putting those bookcases up! I was pregnant and uncomfortable and hot and sick and depressed and very short fused, and him not understanding my directions was driving me nuts...

    Deb, next time you need something put together, you call me! Or Kate :)