Friday, 24 June 2011

Things I know - about siblings

I hate mess. Overhauling a few areas of the house this week has made me quite happy, maybe I'll find the time to blog about it... Ikea furniture does help in that regard a lot (what's that, 5 posts in a row where I mention Ikea?), If only I wasn't constantly interrupted by kids fighting I could get this place looking good in no time...

So this week the things I know are just a couple of observations about siblings and birth order:
  • if you make it alive through childhood with an older, rougher sibling, you can pretty much survive anything
  • all the annoying habits of the firstborn are even more annoying when the younger sibling copies them 
  • 2nd borns appear to learn words like "no" and "mine" and "tv" much earlier than 1st borns
  • this post got interrupted twice to break up fights 

But there are also beautiful moments, and these by far outnumber the bad moments:
  • Lucas caressing Sofia's head saying "k-vess"
  • Sofia singing "Ba-ba black sheep" for Lucas when he's upset
  • sharing biscuits and passing bottles of milk to each other
  • Sofia helping Lucas put dress-ups on
  • hearing Sofia say "oh thank you Lucas" and "it's okay sweetie"
  • Lucas calling out for her as soon as he wakes up in the morning
  • it's fun having a sibling to do stuff with and play with and take crazy photos with...

But some days the only thing you can do for peace is put both kids on your lap and put good ol' YouTube on

Hop over at Shae's to see what everyone else knows this week :)


  1. I can really relate! This week sees the 2yo say stuff with perfect tone "it's NOT fair *sob*" and "it's not my fault, it's YOUR fault" but also some very cute things as well he's learnt from his big sister :) Ahh bless bless :)

  2. Ah i know this all too well! number three loves "its not fair" and "your mean" but at the moment she is dancing to the songs her teapot makes so thats just a bit cute! I grew up with two brothers so ive decided that if i am still surviving that im invincible!!

  3. Ahhh siblings. I can relate to all of this!!

  4. Awww, the second half made me smile! We always have to take the good with the bad though, hey!! With a three year old and eight months old, we haven't got to the sibling fights yet. Bracing myself.... ;)

  5. I love that one about Lucas calling out to his sister in the morning. My twins love calling out to each other. It's like their own secret game of "Marco Polo"
    Happy Friday !

  6. I am yet to discover the fighting stage - so thanks for the heads up! (It's just around the corner though... in fact, pushing and shoving has started.. heaven help me!). And part 2 made me brought a smile to my face... I love seeing sibling special!

    PS Please no Pororo! So inane! Drives me nuts! lol

  7. ** please forgive grammar/typos above - trying to write this all day but keep getting interrupted by small people under my feet. :/

  8. Oh I hate mess too! I really hate mess! Trying my very best to let that go a bit though - I think it's in my blood though. LOL

  9. Gosh siblings and fighing-not my favorite :-/