Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Mini fashionista

One of the best parts about being 3 and a half is the ability to dress yourself. It is so lovely looking different at least 3 times a day...

I love seeing what S will choose to wear every morning. It just tells me so much about her.
The kids have a chest of Malm drawers from Ikea each, so they can open up the drawers and choose by themselves what to wear (S also puts her clean clothes away, L is still learning...).
Essentially I never tell her what to wear. If we are going somewhere, I usually give her some guidelines or recommendations (like "you might want to wear pants, it'll be more practical to climb" or "if you want to wear that dress you'll need a jumper as well because it's cold out there", you know, the usual motherly things...) and then leave it up to her, she can choose whatever she wants.
I have more input with L (being that he's still only 18 months), some days he couldn't care less, but I always make sure I give him a choice, and most days he gets quite happy choosing his own outfit for the day.

I really enjoyed a few weeks ago reading this post by Owlet Mama, and decided I'd join in, it is nice having a record of the kids' sense of style...

Have been a little slack with photos recently, but here are a couple to start me off:

this is why you shouldn't ask kids to pose:
ready for a line up ;)

both kids chose their own outfits

S chose her dress and leggings,
then chose L's fairy outfit,
she seems very pleased with the result
 I'll start taking better photos of the combinations, some are very fashionable, some are doozies...

Playing along with Owlet


  1. Yay! Thanks for joining in! What gorgeous mini fashionistas you have! x

  2. I love that you let your children choose their clothes! And what gorgeous style they have!

    I love the idea of playing along with Owlet too (just had a look at her blog - lovely!).