Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Morning Activities 30 May-5 June

During the week I felt like I wasn't trying hard enough to come up with good strewing ideas, but when I look back at photos and my diary notes I realise there were actually some nice ideas. Some weren't received as well as hoped, possibly also because D was working a later shift (did I mention I hate his boss?) and was still home at that time, so most mornings S was much more keen to play with her father than with my activities...

In that regard keeping a blog is really useful: you get so caught up with your day that you often don't think you've done enough for the kids, but if you actually start writing down what you've done, you really feel like patting yourself on your shoulder :)

So here's last week:

  • Monday: wooden blocks.
  • Tuesday: rice play. In hindsight, not a good idea as a first activity. S lost interest, then L went nuts and started throwing rice everywhere. No comment.

  • Wednesday: poking board! I've already discussed it in my Ikea love post, here's another photo

  • Thursday: drawing. Hey, you can't be doing fancy things every day ;)
  • Friday: swinging monkeys. I simply constructed two Duplo towers and stuck some wool between them and left the monkeys for the kids to hang up. I think I need more of these barrel monkeys, 12 don't seem enough to keep both kids happy at the same time :( 

you can see L wanting to grab the monkeys but
very cautious with big crazy sister over there
  • Saturday: aka no idea morning. Just gave the kids some popsticks and cups and little boxes to sort them, I suggested they could colour them? L happy to sort and transfer etc, S only for 1 minute... Not sure how we got onto the idea, but the pipecleaners came out and S was much happier. 

unsure of her expression... but she's wearing a pipecleaner necklace
  • Sunday: it was my birthday! And since I've been DUMB enough to throw a little lunch party AT OUR HOUSE I had to start cooking early. So our Morning Activity was scrubbing mushrooms ;) No photos there as I ended up being so busy because, for the first time in weeks, my little helpers decided they didn't feel like cooking!!!
Now let's go set the table for tomorrow morning :)

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