Tuesday, 12 April 2011

The fortnight in a nutshell

For the past month we've been busier than before. I realised I wasn't pushing myself enough in providing social opportunities for the kids. And learning opportunities too. There is just so much to do in life, particularly in this beautiful country of ours, you really have to plan for things to do.

Thankfully, because we don't have any set commitment (like kinder...), we can afford to go to events or be flexible with our catch ups or plan based on weather (I usually check weatherzone on Mondays and plan the week ahead accordingly).

In a way we are homeschooling, since I am taking charge of their education and their learning.

So this is what we did in the past fortnight:
- went to the library
- visited my cousin at her new house (note to self: when planning to drive to the other side of town, make sure there are no footy matches or the Mel Flower and Garden Show to make traffic a nightmare...)
- went to the Templestowe Village Festival
near the pet shop stall
- made homemade raspberry and rhubarb compote (rhubarb from the garden)
- went to Little Creatures, a lovely play centre in Balwyn

fairy Sosi shopping; still getting used  to seeing her girly, she's going through a dressy phase...

lunchtime (note how Casi HAD to wear a skirt after he saw Sosi had one); the playcentre doesn't frown upon food brought from home, just as well because they don't have many options there; on this day Sosi had a cheese sandwich and Casi had a ham sandwich bought there
 - Sosi and I washed the car with sponges and a bucket of water: she loves playing with water and helping out, what better way to combine them?
- went to Hays Paddock in Kew

- went to the toy library
- had Nana and Pa visiting for Sunday lunch
- went to Nanny Ange's to meet her new beau

All this interspersed with the usual time in the garden and various activities at home. Including failed attempts to do orderly Montessori activities: I've learnt you can't do them with both a 3yo and a 17 month old, will have to wait for the 17mo to be asleep next time...

Was supposed to go to playgroup on Thursday but we ended up getting ourselves sorted sooo late we missed out. Must go next week: I really miss meeting with other Natural Parents (here's a link to the NPM playgroups, we've met so many lovely people in the 2 years we've been members).

Now, better start planning the next fortnight :)

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