Friday, 23 September 2011

Things I know

I'm in a particular frame of mind this week, I both feel extremely knowledgeable and ignorant... but here are a few pearls of wisdom for you ;)

  • The Enchanted Maze Garden in Arthurs Seat is expensive ($25 per adult, $15 kids over 3) but it's a great place to take the kiddies. We went there for a surprise birthday lunch for my cousin's wife and it was a LOVELY day. 

running around the turf maze
sandpit inside the children's maze
fairy garden
  • I know Casi is a chocoholic. Like his sister and his mother and grandfather and great-grandmother... 
utensils are slowing down my cake consumption, hands are so much faster...

  • I know that hot days and buckets of water and paintbrushes and sponges are a winning combination 

  • school holidays start next week. Which of course doesn't mean a lot for us since we learn from life, only that our usual haunts will be overcrowded... the only good thing is that we'll be able to catch up with family and friends who are usually tied up to school commitments
  • a catch-up has been organised by my mothers' group for next week. They are lovely women. I really mean it. But I soooo do not fit in. Never have. I'll be the wallflower again. Listening, not having much to bring to the conversation, feeling left out. I know I'll end up making up some excuse not to go. Which is a shame. 
  • I know I'll end up catching up with each of them singularly because I like them but I just don't function with them as a group
  • I know it's going to take me hours to read this week's know-it-all posts, the Yay For Home link up has become so overwhelmingly popular! Well done Shae :)

What do you know this week? Head over to Shae's to share your wisdom! 


  1. I know that one of the things I love most about Fridays is this link up. So many lovely people sharing some super cool things

  2. I love that chocolate photo. And you definitely can't lose with water play, it's always a hit, I know that much.

  3. I remember the Maze. I have not been for years. A definite must for us maybe next year when my little E is a little older and can appreciate it a little more :)

  4. Hehe, I'm just working my way through the posts now - the list is HUGE!

    The maze and fairy gardens look fantastic.

    Nom that cake, Casi!

  5. I am catching up too. That maze looks like fun Sara. BUckets of water are the most fun . I hope you find your group niche soon xo I feel an outsider too in some places. It's hard , it's good you can met up singularly.

  6. thanks for the comments everyone :)

    I ended up being really sick on the day of the mothers' group catch up. Coincidence or karma telling me I should own up to my feelings about this group?