Wednesday, 28 September 2011

My daughter is a self-published author ;)

Casi is still learning colours. He still confuses some. But one he has never confused is orange. Which coincidentally (or not?) is the colour of his favourite food, carrots. 
There is no doubt that orange is his favourite colour: he'll point out anything that's orange, will let you know if there's any orange present in the room, will always pick it in a line up of pencils etc etc.

So in his honour, D and Sosi co-wrote their first book... 

It was a great activity for father and daughter to do during "quiet time" (when Casi is sleeping and Sosi doesn't feel like resting), D tried to come up with things that he knows Sosi likes drawing. She really enjoyed creating her own book and was pretty stoked with having a full story as an end result.

And she really loved giving it to Casi to read when he woke up from his snooze!


  1. That's great! My Munchkin would have loved this as a gift. He loves Orange. He insists on wearing EVERYDAY!!

  2. That is adorable! I love kids' drawings :))

  3. Sam-O your Munchkin is a man of good taste :)

    Thanks Jayne, kids' drawings really are special, apart from the cuteness factor I love how much they can tell us about what goes on in the little person's brain :)