Friday, 12 August 2011

Things I know

Linking up again with Shae's Things I Know. I'm a bit scatterbrain today, so most of these things might not make a heck of a lot of sense.

Things I know

I know that last week I was deeply depressed. Then I had a migraine on Thursday. Then I woke up a new person on Friday. I'm starting to think there's a connection between my depressive moments and my migraines. 

But I also know that the weather has a bearing on my moods.

And I know that every time Casi feeds during the day I get seriously gloomy. At 21 months, the breastfeeding relationship is wearing thin. Also because I don't like having his feet shoved in my face every time he feeds. Really, toddlers can be so annoying.

I know my house is a bit messy at the moment.
Just now, the kids are practicing long-jump on a pile of dirty clothes that needs to go to the laundry.
Rewind to this morning: we made mini-volcanoes with little juice bottles, bicarb, vinegar and food colouring (of course followed by bubble bath to remove stains from hands...)
Ok, so maybe I should spend more time cleaning the house than doing cool things with the kids?
Just kidding, already plotting the next crazy craft activity ;-)

I know that if any of the grandparents makes a supposed-to-be-funny comment about my parenting during a family lunch out, it usually is something D will hear ALL about on the car trip home...

I know I'm getting pizza delivered for dinner, and that makes me happy :)

Things I don't know

I don't know how the wind moves by itself

I don't know where my kids' other tennis racket is

I don't know why bread-crusts are so repulsive to 3 year olds

I don't know why a cat dress-up kit wouldn't include a tail

I don't know why Ikea had to spoil our idyllic relationship by running out of stock of Expedit just when I needed it.

**warning: this section contains a big rant and a bad word...**
I don't know why the most hated man in the world is Sam Moran: people, he didn't kill Greg, ok? The man got a job and is doing the best he can at it, he may not be perfect but he sure is a much better singer than most people I know. Of course Greg was so talented and the soul of the Wiggles etc etc, but is there a need to write nasty comments on every bloody single Wiggles video that's on Youtube? These are kids' videos for f*** sake, get a life you grown up morons!
**end of rant**

Let's go have pizza now, and may you all have a fantastic week :)


  1. Mini Volcanoes! Awesome! You sound like a fantastic mum! Housework can definately wait ;-) kids grow up way too fast x

  2. Thank you so much for the compliments Yeran :)

  3. Oh my goodness, Yeran is right, you are awesome. My son would love mini-volcanoes. And yes, what is with the crust thing? I keep all ours then use them to feed the ducks in the lake at the end of our street. I figure it's not really wasting food then...

    I'm still giggling over the Sam Moran rant. I had NO idea that people would even give that a second thought. Are these people stupid? It's like actors who get accosted in the street from crazed fans who blame them for what their character does. People are just not smart....

    Yay for pizza! Hope it was great and you have a lovely weekend.

    So glad to meet you.

  4. I had no idea people felt so strongly about Sam Moran! I love him and totally prefer him to Greg!... Anyway, moving on to you: Glad your gloom has lifted a little. And don't worry about cleaning your house - fun stuff with the kids is heaps more important!
    And feeling for you with the grandparents' comments... grrrr... different generation though. They have no idea and sadly don't have much capacity to change. Would be nice though if they kept their opinions to themselves. It seems that being disrespectful a generational trait too!

  5. It's just crazy how weather can heavily effect our moods. And thank you for bringing out a reality of motherhood - yes, toddlers can be annoying !!!
    I agree about the whole Sam/Greg thing. It's been yeeeears since Sam has taken on the gig and everyone has moved on (especially the kids)...except for some parents !
    I hope you have a better week and the migraines go away xxx

  6. I love you already. Want to read more but don't have time. Argh. The frustration.