Saturday, 14 May 2011

Things I know

Linking up with the lovely Shae at Yay For Home (will link up properly to Things I Know when stupid Blogger stops playing up...)

These are a few things I know this week:

  • "Mum am I never ever going to die?" was not the question I was expecting while watching Play School
  • I know that every time I tidy up the kitchen table, it always ends up being a repository for the family's junk by the end of the next day
  • the Old El Paso Medium Chunky Tomato Salsa is much hotter than the Doritos Medium Salsa
  • Lucas LOVES my homemade tuna dip
  • the kids are still too young to go out for 3 days in a row: The Pines on Tues, Playdays on Wed, Little Creatures on Thu, by Friday they were both ropable. Hhmm, not sure I was any better...
  • now I know that our vacuum cleaner can suck up an entire anklet stocking :(
  • Sofia recognises and can name the following: hand held blender, ice-cream maker, breadmaker, coffee grinder, laminator, dehydrator. She has asked "what's that?" to the following: microwave oven, iron, ironing board, vacuum cleaner. I know that that says a lot about my life choices!
  • having 1 blog follower has made me pretty chuffed... thanks for your lovely comments Deborah :)


  1. 2 now! ;)

    Love finding new AP Mama blogs! Looking forward to reading more of you :)

  2. Gotta love the random serious question about death :-/

    Thanks for hanging in there and linking up despite the Blogger funny business!

  3. Ah I love the satisfying noise our vac makes when it sucks up a sock... LOL

  4. Was I really your first follower? Wow! I can't understand why the world isn't reading. So lovely to read about your thoughts and experiences.

    We have the same problem with our dining table... family junk table!

  5. Ooh, how exciting, thanks for following Kate! Gee, now the pressure's on to put some sense in what I write ;)