Saturday, 5 February 2011


So today we had a brief meeting at a local pre-school.

My plan was to homeschool the kids as much as possible. The reality is that, as much as I believe in certain ideals, what is more important is following the kids' lead and do what they want/need to do.
At this stage in our lives, I don't have the stamina to attend as many social events as Sofia needs to meet other kids her age. So until I manage to have more Me time to regain some inner balance that will allow me to be more engaged with the world, she'll be going to kinder. Because all she wants now is to make friends. At least I get to be quite involved with this pre-school, I'll be sure to put myself down on the duty roster on several occasions. Even if it's so challenging when I also have to take care of Lucas. But it's important that my kids feel that I'm involved, not that I'm just palming them off to someone else.

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