Saturday, 29 January 2011

Starting something new

I don't know what other teenagers asked their parents for birthday presents. I know I got lots of "normal" things (musicassettes and posters in those days...). But I also requested my fair share of "geekier" presents...
So it was with great jubilation that for my 13th birthday I opened up my new ream (I think it was around 80g/sqm), uncapped my new Pelikan fountain pen and proceeded to start writing the new Italian masterpiece... Think, think, think. No, writer's block. Tomorrow I'll find a good start for my book, let's go watch tv now...

It's hard being a perfectionist, you often freeze at the starting blocks because you don't think you can achieve a great result. Of course I'm not saying I have any expectations of producing great literary masterpieces on this blog, but the writer's block is still there...

I am a full-time mother. And I really mean that. I haven't given myself much ME time over the past 3 years. Breastfeeding, co-sleeping, being an attached parent, cooking everything from scratch, reading and researching about parenting and gentle discipline and respectful parenting etc etc, I have dedicated almost every second of my day to these 2 lovely little people.

And maybe all this blog is, it's my own little space where I can write what I want. I get the feeling that many mothers out there started out for the same reasons. Sometimes you forget how to look after the little person that's inside you. Some days I don't remember what I used to like anymore.

Just my own little corner in the universe where I can surround myself with all the things that make me ME.

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  1. So beautifully said, Sara! I wrote a similar opening post to my blog (which I only started in Feb this year). And yes, isn't it nice to have your own space? I didn't have time to start a blog when I did (nor do I now), but I think it makes me feel more sane when I do it.. so I make time. And usually it's when I'm breastfeeding or cuddling babies.. but it's better than nothing. So nice to meet you Sara, and so lovely to discover all the things you like! :)